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"A"-Litter - Shiba Inu

Chiaki No Kaito Go Kurotama Del Castelfalcino x Yoshino No Kodaian Go Tessaiga


28/01/2022 - Yuki x Kaito

28/02/2022 - Yuki's pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound

26/03/2022 - three puppies were confirmed by x-ray

30/03/2022 - Yuki gave birth to three beautiful puppies

Kaito is owned by Alexandra Schultz of Tamashii To Hokori Kennel.


Amore Infinito Go Minegami Sou


Dt. Jugend Champion ShCD

30/03/2022 - 02:55 am - 240 gr - Red

At Shiba kennel: 'Canis Bavariae' of Margit Bornschlegel, Landshut, Germany. 🇩🇪

Cubsieger Ausstellung ShCD, Hemsbach, 18.09.2022:

"VV1, Best Baby, Clubsieger 2022"

NDS Halbergmoos, 15./16.07.2023

"Excellent 1I4, JCAC, Landesjugendsieger Bayern,  BOB"

"Excellent 1I4, JCAC, Landesjugendsieger Franken,  BOS"

IDS Ludwigshafen, 19.08.2023

"Excellent 1I3, J-CACIB, JCAC, Landesjugendsieger Rheinland-Pfalz,  BOS"

Akiyuki No Yuma Go Minegami Sou



30/03/2022 - 03:13 am - 279 gr - Red

Bavaria, Germany. 🇩🇪

Follow: frechfuchs_yuma.inu

Azuki Go Minegami Sou


30/03/2022 - 03:35 am - 246 gr - Red

Sweden. 🇸🇪

His owner says about him: 

"He just knows how to handle this big dumb human world. He does a lot better than I do. I'm like typical introvert-extrovert. But he's like 'I got this mom. Just follow my lead.'"

IDS Gimo, 28.05.2023

"Excellent 1, JCAC, JCACIB, BOS"

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