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Masatsugu Go Ihoku Hakurensou

October, 2nd 2018


Masamine Go Futomisou x Maki Go Mikasasou

Breeder: Laura Quadri

Kennel: Ihoku Hakurensou

SUGU: This is so embarrassing, but my humans asked me to write a note about myself.  Despite being the Chuck Norris of dogs I'm a very sensitive young man and need attention... just not too much.  I was raised for the first 9 months of my life (like a million years in human time) on a farm in Italy.  My misgivings about my new family when they picked me up were substantial, but I quickly adapted when I met my sister and we spent a few days in the mountains of Andermatt, Switzerland.  Unlike my sister, I never have a plan.  Simply put, I love to give my humans kisses and snuggles because I think it is what they want... and I quite enjoy it too.  It's been a learning process to not act on my nature, which is. 100% WILD.  Yea, I'm a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing, but I never mean any harm.  For some reason, there is a fire in my belly when I see larger dogs, I apologize for nothing.  Humans remark that I'm more striking than my sister (read, I'm more wild).  I love my mornings in bed and long walks through the forest where I get to be myself.  To all the dogs I've ever intimidated, well, I'm working on it. 

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