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Minegami Sou


We are a member of the DCNH e.V. (Deutscher Club für Nordische Hunde e.V.), which is a member of the Verband für Deutsches Hundewesen (VDH) and thus affiliated with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (F.C.I.).

Our kennel meets the strict criteria of the breeding regulations of the DCNH (Zuchtordnung) and the minimum requirements regulation (Mindestanforderungs-Ordnung (MAO)) and has been inspected and approved as of July 18th, 2020. By passing the kennel inspection and fulfilling all further requirements, our application for an F.C.I. protected kennel name has been signed off and made. Our kennel name is:

Minegami Sou 峰神荘 

"King of the Peak"

The two kanji characters are Mi-ne (the peak of a mountain, the pinnacle of something), and kami (read as gami in this case, which means god), although Kami does not necessarily denote a formal religious characteristic, it does have a rich mythological etymology.  We believe the name Minegami accurately describes the nature and spirit of our dogs.  . 

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--- Expecting Shiba puppies in March 2024 ---

We are delighted to announce our third Shiba litter due to arrive in March. We are beyond happy and can't wait for everything to come.

For further information, or to express your interest, please send a message or text/whatsapp: +49 160 99108531.


--- Breeding plan 2024 ---


Despite being in the midst of preparations for our upcoming Shiba litter, we carefully start thinking about our next Shikoku litter with our beautiful girl Rumi.

If everything turns out as we are hoping, we will have Shikoku puppies by the end of summer/early fall.

For further information, or to express your interest, please text/whatsapp: +49 160 99108531

or send a message


Interested in a Shiba or Shikoku puppy? We need to warn you!


Our puppies happiness is our main priority and we aim to find them their perfect matches, based upon their character and individual needs.


Therefore we do not work with a first-come-first-serve waitlist or take reservations before the puppies are born, but try to get to know applicants as good as possible, in order to see, if we might have a provider for a bed and a couch, who is also willing to guarantee them a 'worry free' life, no matter, which mischief they are up to. And yes, mischief and up-no-good behavior is in their nature!


Hoping, that one can rely on a dog trainer as soon as the first little challenges that naturally come with Japanese breeds arise, is looking at the wrong puppy. Empathy and the ability "to see", what is really going on, paired with a good sense of humor, occasional self-control, lots of energy and a "will-to-please" are, what is required, what is required to give your Shiba or Shikoku the perfect basis.


Happy dog, happy life!


If you believe that you are this person, we are looking forward very much to your email/message, with a short introduction of yourself, your living/life situation, your experience with dogs and other animals in general as well as your expectation.

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