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Thanks for visiting us! A brief note about the lucky humans who get to share their time and space with these two special brother and sister dogs.  We are husband and wife attorneys from Miami and Frankfurt, now residing in the Taunus forest of Germany. We are passionate about cycling, travel and being in the mountains as much as time allows.  Having grown up with dogs our entire lives, including with Shibas, a Japanese Akita and an American Akita, it has a been a true blessing to recently accept two Shikokus, Rumi and Sugu, into our family. 


How did we choose Rumi and Sugu, you might ask?  Like many decisions in life where direct experience is lacking, we relied upon the extant literature describing the history and nature of the breed.  And given our positive experience with the larger (Akita) and smaller (Shiba) native Japanese breeds, we inherently trusted our choice.  Considering that the Shikoku ranks at the top of the list for rarity and purity of breed, it was no surprise to discover a dearth of breeders in Europe.  Luckily, however, we developed a good relationship with a breeder in Northern Italy, who, by any measure, is the best of the best.


Sulden September 2020.jpg

Our initial interest to obtain a male Shikoku was thwarted as he had been promised to another, so we happily settled on our female, Rumi. After a road trip to Bergamo in January 2019, we picked up Rumi at the age of three months. Not thinking life could get any better after watching Rumi mature over the subsequent six months, we learned otherwise. Rumi's nine month old brother, Sugu, became available. After weighing the decision as to whether we should (or could) take care of a third dog, since our Pacha, a stubborn 14 years old Shiba male was still with us, we were back on the road to Bergamo to add Rumi's brother to our family.  And it has made all the difference.  The two bonded immediately and have been inseparable ever since. Our happiness quotient as humans increases daily as we watch these two majestic Shikokus grow and learn.  


Please don't hesitate to email us, with any questions or comments you might have.  Cheers!

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