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Azuma Go Minegami Sou

September 27th, 2021


Fudzisan Koremasa Midoko x Dt.Ch. (VDH/DCNH) BS'22 Dt.Jgd.Ch (VDH/DCNH) Rumi Go Ihoku Hakurensou

Kennel: Minegami Sou

Hips: A2

Eyes: clear

Size: 55cm

Owned by: Sarah Rubulotta-Watson

Contact: +49 (0) 178 4797728

Location: Berlin, Germany.

Azuma has been approved for breeding by Guido Schäfer in October 2023 with excellent results.

Azuma's character is described as very balanced and very friendly. He's a masculine,  attractive male of rectangular format with an Asian expression. Triangular, dark eyes. Pronounced musculature. A wedge-shaped, expressive head. Triangular, dark eyes. Correct set ears. Scissor bite. Strong back with high set tail. Balanced movement. Excellent pigmentation.

Known to be the hippie-nomad, you'll find Azuma hiking all over Europe, when not following his 'profession' as a vet's assistant in Berlin or roaming the beaches of Rostock.

Please send us an email for further information or call/text Sarah: + 49 (0) 178 4797728

Azuma Go Minegami Sou -Stud Dog / Deckrüde
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